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Walden West Nature Nuggets & Virtual Learning

We are proud to announce that Walden West is now hosting virtual learning across a variety of social media platforms!

The Walden West staff invites you to engage in our Nature Nuggets which are our science-based lessons for being out in nature as well as being at home. We will also post other videos and images based on our curriculum, plus we’ll also have other outdoor school and summer camp content that is just fun to share with you!

Join us and subscribe to the following:

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Facebook – We've had our Facebook page for a while now, and we're going to be adding A LOT more content. This is where we'll post any announcements and information about Walden West, and we'll also post our Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube videos and images!
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Instagram - @waldenwestsccoe – First, be sure you get parent approval before joining Instagram. Next, follow us @waldenwestsccoe to find quick clips and images that will spark some fun and scientific inspiration. To keep all parties safe, we will be monitoring all comments posted so please be respectful! Any direct (private) messages will not be replied to.
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TikTok - @waldenwestsccoe – Again, you need to get parent approval first to be on TikTok. Then, follow us @waldenwestsccoe to see our fun, science-based videos! To keep all parties safe, comments and messaging have been disabled.
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YouTube - Walden West SCCOE   We will launch our first set of videos on Earth Day, April 22, 2020. Subscribe to the channel to get notified when new videos are posted! To keep all parties safe, comments and messaging have been disabled. Here is our alternating video schedule:

  1. Monday and Wednesday every other week
  2. Tuesday and Thursday every other week
  3. We may even post bonus videos!